The motorboat sports pilot brought the championship cup to Alytus


“This is the result of long, hard work. I have been in this sport for five years and this win is the most valuable for me. In all stages of the year 2023, in the annual standings, I am the Lithuanian champion”, – the pilot of motorboat sports, 36-year-old Donatas Urbanavičius from Alytis, was happy with his victory

Donatas talks about this sport with enthusiasm and passion. “Motorboats are airplanes that fly on the surface of water. It is a unique sport in terms of its sound, speed and ship shapes,” he says.

It is interesting that these motorboats are without brakes. “The format of the competition is as follows: athletes of the Aren 2000 class gather (these are up to 2-liter power class sports boats with car engines – ed.). They are placed in a parallel position with gaps, where the main one is straight, until the turn, the trajectory cannot be changed. After the first turn, there is a race with certain rules, you cannot touch the placed track buoys. And yes – 5-6 rounds.

In my class, the speed reaches 130 – 136 kilometers per hour, and at this speed you need to take a turn without braking. An impressive sporting gesture is sliding sideways. During each track, we take into account the weather conditions, evaluate all the criteria of danger”, the interviewer said.

Training takes place at the Kaunas motorboat base, where a safe track is installed. “We aim to find opportunities for such trainings in Alytus county as well,” said D. Urbanavičius.

There is one more person in Alytus who joined this sport.

After summing up the results of motorboat sports in 2023, the first two places were won by Latvians, and the third place went to D. Urbanavičius from Alyti. He is the best representative of this sport in Lithuania.

Is this sport expensive? “I was now sailing on a 40-year-old ship. It can fit into a budget of 10 thousand euros. The most expensive is the initial investment. And then – clean, beautiful, loud sport,” said D. Urbanavičius.

D. Urbanavičius showed his sports boat to the people of Alyti during the city’s birthday. At that time, it received a lot of attention, especially from small towns.

At the end of last year, D. Urbanavičius founded Olita racing team.

“Growing up, I am trying to find sponsors so that I can represent Alytus with this sport. Because until now I participated in the competition next to another team”, said the interviewer.

The motorboat pilot already owns 13 sports boats, which are even historically related to Alytus. Perhaps not many people know, but around the 1990s, the then company “Alita” had not only a basketball team, but also a team for this sport.

Although D. Urbanavičius organizes events and has activities with cars, he emphasizes that he has many plans related to Nemunas near Alytus, motorboat sports, and youth involvement. “I will not reveal anything for now. However, I have a lot of original ideas,” said the interviewer.

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