A French woman who settled in Vilnius was amazed at what Lithuania has: “Now they will try to do the same in France”

A French woman who settled in Vilnius was amazed at what Lithuania has: “Now they will try to do the same in France”
A French woman who settled in Vilnius was amazed at what Lithuania has: “Now they will try to do the same in France”

ML Deleye’s mother is Lithuanian, and his father is French, however. The interviewee said that she fell in love with Lithuania because she often had to visit it in the summers since childhood.

“I was impressed not only by the nature of Lithuania, but also by the environment and the people,” the girl told “Žinių radio”.

The woman in Lithuania is studying international politics, in addition to creating radio stories, she is pursuing a career as a journalist.

“Everything was very interesting to me at school, I was good at history, geography and everything else. My father is a former diplomat, he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France. But I don’t think that fact had a big influence on my choice <...>

Living in Lithuania opens up a somewhat different narrative of international politics. In France you can hear more about certain other topics, in Lithuania you will hear more about other topics and this is completely normal”, said ML Deleye.

She added that there is much less talk about Russian threats in France than here.

“When I came to Lithuania, it might sound naive, but I really didn’t think that Russia was still such a big threat, we just didn’t talk about it here, because France is very far away and maybe people don’t care so much about Russia’s influence there “, the woman noted.

A French woman living in Lithuania: “Openness also exists in Lithuania, but it is different”

After talking about the biggest differences between the French and Lithuanians, the interviewer admits that at first she did not think that there were so many of them.

“People’s thinking is especially different, the French look at life differently than we do. I understand that in the northern countries where it is cold and snowy, in the same Scandinavia, people are really less open. And this is normal. <...>

Openness also exists in Lithuania, but it is different. As far as I know French people living here, it is very, very difficult for them to integrate here at the beginning, especially when they don’t know the language, so I was lucky that I already knew how to speak Lithuanian,” said ML Deleye.

She added that Lithuanians have quite a complex when they talk about their homeland.

“There is such a complex of the country, it is thought that no one knows us, that we are not as worthy as, for example, the French. However, we should be proud of our uniqueness, that we are such a small country, but we have preserved our language, we are able to realize various sports achievements. <...>

If we are less positive or smile less on the street, that’s okay,” the woman noted.

Some things in Lithuania surprise the French themselves

The interviewer claims that she always tells her French friends a lot about Lithuania and encourages them to visit here. Also, some of the things we have here surprise even the French themselves.

“Now there will be an attempt to do this in France, but so far the French do not have it, it is a common electronic health system.

It was fantastic for me to be able to log in with my personal code on my phone, press a few buttons and get my entire health history. I showed my friends who work in the medical field and they couldn’t believe their eyes that we had it. I always try to promote such things, and in addition, I try to broadcast through social networks how much can be achieved in Lithuania”, said ML Deleye.

She added that many French people living in Lithuania value Lithuanian nature the most.

“They didn’t expect that if you live in the capital, you drive 20 minutes and you can find yourself near the lake, forests, beaches,” said the interviewer.

The woman assured that she would not like to return to France, but her dream of becoming a journalist in Lithuania is difficult to achieve due to the language barrier and lack of grammatical knowledge.

“If I had to go to France or somewhere else to fulfill my journalistic dream, then why not. France has huge media facilities and the like, which we don’t have in Lithuania, so I started to think that this would be one of the options why I would return, but it would only be for a few years, so that I could gain more such experience”, said the woman.

Listen to the entire interview with Marie-Line Deleye, who lived in France, on the Radio of Knowledge program “What are you?” here:

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