The final stage of the restoration of property rights in the city of Vilnius begins –

The final stage of the restoration of property rights in the city of Vilnius begins –
The final stage of the restoration of property rights in the city of Vilnius begins –

National Land Service (NŽT) from 2024 February 12 starts organizing meetings of applicants for restoration of ownership rights to real estate (land) owned in Vilnius city, where citizens will have the right to choose new land plots according to the approved list of citizens.

A total of 622 citizens are invited to the meetings, who wish to receive 66.5167 hectares of land.

Citizens will be offered to choose plots from Vilnius. 550 plots designed by the municipality and submitted to the NŽT, with a total area of ​​194.5897 ha.

You can get acquainted with the information about new plots of land (or parts of them) offered for free ownership for individual construction in the city of Vilnius on the NŽT website or by visiting the address J. Lelevelio st. 6, Vilnius, 1st floor.

Meetings of the applicants will be organized until 13/03/2024, in the premises of the NŽT, at Gedimino Ave. 19, Vilnius.

All applicants are informed about organized meetings by registered letters – invitations to meetings. In the invitation, the date, time and place of the meeting are specified for each applicant, as well as where information about the proposed land plots can be obtained, and the consequences of non-attendance (except for non-attendance due to circumstances beyond the individual’s control) to the meeting or failure to select the proposed plots are outlined.

Consequences of not selecting plots

Taking into account the fact that the area of ​​the plots offered for selection almost 3 times exceeds the demand of the applicants, the Mayor of Vilnius City Municipality in 2024 January 2 the decree “On the completion of the design process of land plots intended for the restoration of ownership rights in Vilnius city municipality” established that more free state land, where new land plots intended for individual construction and other purposes could be designed for the restoration of ownership rights to land, in Vilnius there are no such plots in the municipality, and the design of such plots in the Vilnius city municipality, including Grigiškiu, has been completed. This decree also establishes that Vilnius in the municipality, there is no more free (undeveloped) and unallocated land for purchase by the state in the territories of the former rural villages and land holdings before nationalization, and the design of such land plots has been completed.

Thus, if the citizens did not choose the proposed plots at the meetings, more plots in Vilnius city. they will be offered, and their property rights will be restored only by other (alternative) methods in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts.

Alternatives are available

NŽT reminds that citizens who have not chosen the proposed plots can until 2024. May 1st NŽT submit a request to select a forest area in a rural area for the land owned in the city (in this case in Vilnius).

If the citizens do not change their will (submit an application to the NŽT) before this deadline regarding the way in which ownership rights to the owned real estate are restored, their ownership rights will be restored by monetary compensation in accordance with the procedure established by the Government.

Persons wishing to use the opportunity to change their will should indicate in their application the area of ​​land for which they wish to receive an equivalent forest area, as well as the selected district and cadastral area in the rural area where they wish to receive ownership of an equivalent forest area free of charge from state forests in the free state land fund, reserved to restore property rights.

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