The Donut Festival continues in Vilnius (menu) –

The Donut Festival continues in Vilnius (menu) –
The Donut Festival continues in Vilnius (menu) –
– donuts and cakes. And the delicacies themselves will be of the most unexpected flavors: churros, pancakes with caviar, shrimp, cottage cheese, bagels with venison, donuts stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms. And where are the Italian Mardi Gras donutsbomboloni with vanilla cream, hazelnut cream or homemade cherry jam. French crepe suzetteBelgian waffles with ice cream, traditional American donuts donut rolls. Everyone will be invited to enjoy fluffy cottage cheese donuts with blueberry jam, drizzled with salted caramel sauce, toasted almonds and fresh berries. Homemade yeast pancakes, traditional donuts filled with whipped cream will be steaming on the tables.

The symbol of this festival will be Danish Mardi Gras buns fastelavnsbolle, decorated with marzipan and filled with sweet whipped cream. In Scandinavian countries, this bun is traditionally eaten until Ash Wednesday, which is why it is also called the “fat Tuesday bun”. Locations participating in the Donut Festival will be marked with a poster with a photo of this donut.

Fun-loving Vilnius residents and guests of the city will be welcomed in “Senatoriu Passage”, “Augustas & Barbora”, “Lokio”, “Pulpo”, “Poiro”, “Markus”, “Maurizio”, “Cozy” restaurants, “Ponių ľinųje”, “Balzac” Crêpes”.

Festival menu:

AUGUSTUS AND BARBORA Love Story Cafe (Stiklių g. 7)
Homemade yeast pancakes
Fluffy cottage cheese doughnuts
An old fashioned donut

COZY (Dominikonų st. 10)
Legendary cottage cheese with sour cream and jam

Italian Mardi Gras Donuts Bombollini

PULP TAPA BAR (Stiklių str. 16)
Spanish long donuts Churros
Spanish donuts

POIROID (M. Antokokolskio st. 13)
Belgian waffles with ice cream

Molded pancakes with cottage cheese
Donuts with cabbage/mushrooms

MARK AND CO (M. Antokokolskio str. 11)
Pancakes with caviar and salad
Pancakes with shrimps
Pancakes with ice cream and hot chocolate

BEAR (Stiklių str. 8)
Bagel with venison

BALZAC (Savičius st. 7)
French crepes

BAKERY GRAIN (Senators’ Arcade)
Danish Mardi Gras bun Festivalensboller


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