What to do on Saturday in Vilnius? Calendar of events (February 3) – MadeinVilnius.lt

What to do on Saturday in Vilnius? Calendar of events (February 3) – MadeinVilnius.lt
What to do on Saturday in Vilnius? Calendar of events (February 3) – MadeinVilnius.lt

Today, February 2, a number of interesting events are planned in Vilnius. MadeinVilnius.lt portal presents the most interesting and biggest events in the city of Vilnius.

1. Donut Festival

Where? Glass quarter When? All day

Already on February 1-14, these sweet smells will tickle the noses of all Vilnius residents. The first Donut Festival is being held in the Stiklo quarter of the capital’s old town.

The community of Stiklos kvartal, which lacks creative ideas, for the first time decided to celebrate the end of winter in a non-traditional way by organizing a feast of hearty food, which will also coincide with Mardi Gras.

Read more about the event here.


Where? Various places When? All day

SU-MENĖK is coming back and for the 5th time it will invite the people of Vilnius and the guests of the city to get to know contemporary art! Experience contemporary art for four weekends in February, and travel to museums and galleries on a special, free SU-MENĖK public transport route. Choose from over 40 art spaces.

Traditionally, during “SU-MENĖK”, visitors to galleries and museums will have the opportunity to collect stamps and mark how many art institutions they have visited, and those who have visited more than 30 galleries and museums will claim prizes.

Read more about the event here.

3. Ži recommends

Where? LOFT When? From 7 p.m.

The name of the “Ži Recommends” festival has been trending on the map of cultural events in Vilnius for the third year now! On February 2-3, the cultural threads of the city will cross, mix and twist in every way, not anywhere else, but in the “Loft” cauldron of arts.

The “Ži Recommends” caravan will arrive at “Loft” full of surprises. From the very first steps taken back when the events were gripped by the pandemic, the festival, while maintaining its ideological direction, will invite you to discover culture in the broadest sense! Music, theater, art will not be competitors at the “Ži Recommends” festival. On the contrary, everyone will fit under one roof of “Lofto” and will involve the visitors in a frenetic whirlwind of action.

4. Afternoon for families Mardi Gras

Where? The new arsenal When? From 13:00

Welcoming the passing winter and the returning spring, we invite families to a cheerful afternoon. During it, you will get to know the meaning and traditions of the holiday, you will learn what masks and disguises mean, why we burn Mora during this holiday, how special the Lašininis and Kanapinis fights are.

While listening to funny stories, we will make a mask of the chosen character (cannabis, witch, devil, goat, horse, etc.) using the papier-mâché technique on specially prepared models.

5. Davis Cup

Where? SEB arena When? From 12 o’clock

Lithuanian men’s tennis team in 2024 February 3-4 In the “SEB Arena” in Vilnius, they will once again compete in the Davis Cup – the world team tennis championship. This time, the Lithuanian national team of Sakartvelo is on the way to the first world group of this competition. The last time the Lithuanian and Sakartvelo teams met each other was in 2017. Then, in the meeting held in Tbilisi, the Lithuanians triumphed 3:2. Will the best Lithuanian tennis players be able to beat Sakartvelo’s team again? Come to “SEB Arena” and support our team!

6. The last chance to see the international exhibition “Vilnius, Wilno, Vilnius 1918-1948. One city – many stories”

Where? In the National Art Gallery When? All day

The international exhibition Vilnius, Wilno, Vilne 1918–1948, which has received great interest, ends this week in the National Art Gallery of the Lithuanian National Art Museum. One city – many stories”. It was prepared by the LNDM National Art Gallery and the National Museum in Krakow (MuzeumNarodowe w Krakowie), works were lent by Lithuanian and Polish museums, archives and other institutions. February 3-4 visitors are invited to participate in a special program of events and visit the exhibition cheaper – the ticket will cost only 1 euro.

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