It became clear how much orange bags for food waste will cost –

It became clear how much orange bags for food waste will cost –
It became clear how much orange bags for food waste will cost –

Since the beginning of this year, residents of Vilnius must sort food waste into special bags, which must be thrown into municipal waste containers. Those who do not do so face fines of up to 600 euros.

For the time being, some stores are handing out special bags for free on certain days. However, when there are none, residents will have to pay extra.

You will need to get used to sorting food

January 1 The new waste sorting procedure that entered into force in Vilnius attracted a lot of attention and involvement of the capital’s residents.

Bags can be picked up free of charge not only in the municipality, townships or large-sized waste collection sites, but also close to home – means for sorting are distributed at special mobile points located in grocery stores or shopping centers.

Almost 17,000 people have already picked up the bags at the Maximose points alone. Vilnius residents, the company’s press release says.

It is important for residents to remember that only unconsumed food and food waste, such as fruit and vegetable peels, skins, grubs, egg shells, bones, tea and coffee grounds, etc., should be thrown into the orange food waste bags.

The full waste bags should then be tied tightly and thrown into the mixed municipal waste containers. Food waste sorted in this way will return to the cycle of the circular economy in the form of energy or compost.

Sorting food waste by separating it from the general waste flow is required by the European Union directive – this is to increase the efficiency of waste processing, while reducing the impact on the environment.

It will cost 1 euro each

“To help residents form a new sorting habit, we decided to ensure that the food waste sorting tool is also available to customers during their daily shopping, so we will add Home expert-branded orange food waste sorting bags to the assortment of our retail chain.” Their capacity and size, for the convenience of the residents, will be the same as shared ones – 10 l. From the middle of February, residents will be able to look for orange garbage bag packages on store shelves, their price will not be less than one euro,” Maxima informed.

25 units in the stores of this chain. a pack of bags will cost 0.99 euros.

Some time ago, the Vilnius city municipality informed the portal that the total amount planned for the purchase of free buckets and bags is about 1.37 million. EUR (including VAT).

One set of bags costs 0.57 euros (including VAT), the costs for them are included in the waste management costs, for which residents have been paying a fee every year until now.

A bucket costs EUR 1.96 (with VAT), 85 percent. this amount is covered by state funds according to the allocated grant, the rest is financed from the municipal budget.

Generally speaking, all Vilnius residents paid for it with their taxes.

The public procurement contract for buckets distributed free of charge is concluded with the company “RB Baltic”.

There are two contracts for the purchase of bags. They are bought from the company plasta for 0.47 euros without VAT (it would be 0.57 euros with VAT) for 25 pieces. roll

At that time, from the small association “2 envelopes” (now – “Pro gov”) – 0.44 euros without VAT (0.53 euros with VAT) each. By the way, the owner of this company, which was established a little more than a year ago, previously worked at the company “Grinda” belonging to the Vilnius municipality.

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