Former volunteer Pavel spoke openly about his military service in Lithuania and what he had to go through


According to Arūnas Balčiūnas, the first step is to check if you are on the lists. Being on the conscript list does not mean that the young man will serve that year. However, if, after logging in to, he sees that he is on the lists, he will probably also find an instruction to submit his contact information, such as e-mail. email and phone number.

After submitting the data, on the same website and in your e-mail will receive a health check-up instruction by mail or SMS. The specific date, time and place where the health check will take place will be indicated.

Whether a person will be able to perform military service may depend on this check, as there are cases when service cannot be performed or it is postponed for a year or more according to the Conscription Law.

“There are not many cases of dismissal, dismissal from service is granted only after being recognized as incapacitated or partially incapacitated, disabled persons, who have been recognized as unfit for service due to their health condition and expert commission”, the Director of Conscription and Recruitment Service spoke.

“If we talk about cases of postponement, then pupils and students who alone raise a minor child, assigned to the guardianship of a disabled person, officials, members of the Seimas fall here.” he called.

However, if the conscript is recognized as suitable for service and there are no reasons to postpone the service, he will be assigned to serve in a military unit. In this case, you will know both the place and the time when you will leave.

Bullying, punishment and features of military service

Former volunteer Pavel (name and data known to the editors) drew attention to the fact that during his service there was bullying among the employees. The physically weaker and dissenters were usually bullied. The guy said that he used to call a member of his company “tapper” and push him with his shoulder, because he had injured his leg and could not wear kerzes.

“It’s the same thing that happens at school, and the stronger one wants to force the smaller one to humble himself, and if he doesn’t humble himself, he says: ‘you idiot, you stink.’ You have to serve for 9 months with the same people who can remind you every day how stupid you are or how weak you are.” the young man spoke.

The senior public relations specialist of the Kęstutis battalion, Sgt. Vidas Stašaitis said that he could not comment on this particular case, because he might not know “Kęstutėnos”. He added that he does not receive reports of bullying in the battalion and has not noticed it himself. According to V. Stašaitis, bullying both in the Kęstutis battalion and in the Lithuanian army is intolerable.

“LK is a reflection of society, so individual cases can happen, just like anywhere else. However, it is viewed very strictly,” – claimed V. Stašaitis.

However, according to the senior public relations specialist of the Kęstutis battalion, the general commission conducts anonymous surveys, assessing the microclimate of the military unit, as well as meetings are held every month with selected conscripts, where they can speak out if bullying occurs, others are encouraged to contact the commanders.

The Director of Conscription and Recruitment also said that direct bullying does not occur in the military.

“Young people sometimes like to make some remarks to each other or call each other harsher words, but there is really no bullying in the Lithuanian army, as it used to be, say, in the Soviet-era armies, where there was a hierarchy and you served for half a year.” claimed A. Balčiūnas.

Pavel mentioned that there was no such bullying from the commanders, but they tried to intimidate the conscripts if they did not do something or did something wrong. However, he believes that this is natural in the military.

“If you do one thing badly: you don’t clean the dust or you don’t shave, you learn by doing push-ups. It happened to me that I forgot to lock the lock of the cabinet, then the man came. private and pushed my locker against the wall and all my stuff fell out. I had to manage myself and walk like a goose back and forth through the company.” said Pavel.

However, when he stayed in the company on weekends, it is said that his communication with the commanders improved.

“You see the other side of the person who screams at you and pushes you. On the weekends, they look at you as a person, not as a number.” said a former volunteer.

He also noticed that most conscripts and volunteers, even if they did not smoke before military service, started smoking because it is in the army opportunity to have a break.

“Let’s say we are digging a hole and if the commander allows you to smoke, then everyone runs there to do 20 push-ups and then smoke, because if you don’t smoke, you have to keep digging the hole. But you need to smoke quickly, because the 3-4 minutes given by the commander is the time to decompress, smoke and return. A lot of people would just log out because when you run to the location and need to continue to select the weapon, the whole picture crosses“, said the boy.

However, he appreciates his service and believes that there is no need to fear service.

“Regardless of the geopolitical situation, in the army you will just work on your physical condition and problem solving. Sure, you’re going to have to get up early, wash your bum, shave, but it instills some pretty good moral points while you’re still young enough.” claimed the retired volunteer.

According to A. Balčiūnas, there is nothing to be afraid of military service either, but you need to be psychologically prepared that it is the army.

“The army is not some kind of club, where I want, I come, I don’t want, I don’t come. Yes, the schedule is quite strict, we get up at 6 o’clock and go to bed at 10 o’clock. There are instructions you have to follow, but it’s learned discipline. The soldiers themselves say that they have learned to obey and hear what a friend has to say. Some don’t force themselves to go to a sports club, so here is an opportunity to get stronger.” he said.

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