Meaningful activity: I do it because I can’t not do it (Election of Kaunian woman of the year)


Improve yourself and inspire others. Different fields of activity, but the same boundless enthusiasm. We present two more contenders for the title of “Kauniette of the Year”.

11. Rasa Jančiauskienė – long-term head of the Oncology Department and Neuroendocrine Tumor Center of the Kaunas University of Health Sciences Hospital, oncologist and chemotherapist. Both in clinical practice and in preparing the young generation of doctors, the professor emphasizes the importance of not only professional knowledge, but also human relations with colleagues and patients.

“Life is full when work is meaningful. If I were to start my life over again, I would choose to be a doctor again. From a professional point of view, it is important and fun for me that there are many people around me – colleagues who are talented, deeply knowledgeable in their fields, who can be trusted, with whom the best results can be achieved by working together,” said R. Jančiauskienė.

Oncology is a multidisciplinary field, the success of treatment depends not only on how early the disease is diagnosed, but also on the cooperation between doctors of different specialties and the patient: whether the sequence of treatment methods will be chosen correctly, whether it will be smoothly implemented, whether the sick person will be able to control the accompanying anxiety .

Life is full when work is meaningful.

“The work is intense, dynamic and really not easy either physically or emotionally, but feedback helps us to endure all this – during counseling in polyclinics, we see successful cases where people recover completely and only visit for follow-up examinations,” said the doctor.

The most difficult moments are when, after trying everything, the disease still progresses. “A doctor needs a lot of wisdom, empathy and a kind of stoicism – to be able to help, but not get sick together and burn out,” said the doctor.

R. Jančiauskienė is convinced that creating a harmonious family is not less than her favorite profession and activity, but even more important. “Young people are now putting it off indefinitely. Nature – it rewards, but it also takes away. Therefore, let’s not delay”, urged the Kaunian.

She had to participate in international clinical trials, important projects, represent the country’s colleagues in an international organization, work in the National Cancer Control Program Council, etc., but she named clinical work with patients as the most meaningful activity.

“I am proud of the great team and the fact that our department has never stopped work during the epidemic. I understand that new challenges await – we have to save public medicine”, said R. Jančiauskienė.

He is also proud of his community – the old-timers and new residents of the Lower Shanties, who cherish history, a special way of life, and are persistent in defending the right of this extraordinary city district to preserve its identity. As one of the most beautiful, they mentioned the beach of Zemeiši Shantių, which offers a unique view of the Jiesia hill on the other side.

“Community celebrations and meetings are held here, people rest and do sports. Thousands of ducks and swans spend the winter here, and in the spring you can watch the nestlings of toothed grebes. That patch of wild nature in the city seems to me priceless and worth preserving,” hoped the doctor.

15. Rugilė Miklyčiūtė has chosen a direction and literally strives for heights. Lithuanian track and field athlete, pole vaulter, who won a silver medal at the European Youth Championship (under 20 years old), achieved a new Lithuanian record, won the Lithuanian, national youth, and Lithuanian indoor championships, won the second place at the Baltic Youth Team Championship.

“I am fascinated by this unique sport, because it allows you to feel that you can fly,” said the student of coach Rita Sadzevičienė.

Each sport has its many subtleties, requires athletes to work and improve their physical data, but there is another side that probably unites all sports.

Stubbornness, perseverance in achieving one’s goals, patience, consistent, sometimes boring work, the results of which do not appear as quickly as one would like.

“Like every athlete, the most difficult thing is to overcome failures psychologically,” said the Kaunas woman about the most difficult moments. Although it is impossible to avoid all failures, the most important thing is to find the strength in yourself to continue training with the same enthusiasm, to prepare for the competition with the same concentration.

in 2022 R. Miklyčiūtė became the first Lithuanian woman to overcome a height of 4 m. At the Lithuanian Athletics Championship, she jumped to 4.10 m. raised the bar, set a new national record. Last year, at the European under-20 championship, she broke the Lithuanian record by jumping 4.15 m. Then she won a silver medal.

I would advise women and girls not to be afraid and to achieve their goals, not to be afraid to reveal themselves.

“I would advise women and girls not to be afraid and to pursue their goals, not to be afraid to reveal themselves,” said R. Miklyčiūtė about the courage to pursue what you want.

“I am happy that I can make this sport famous in my country and that I have a professional coach and wonderful team members,” said the athlete about the importance of methodical, moral and other help, mutual communication, and being part of a team.

What is your biggest dream? To improve. “Like all athletes, I dream of getting to the Olympic Games,” the Kaunas woman did not hide.

Because of this dream, she spends a lot of time at the Darius and Girėnas stadium, where she trains. She calls this stadium her favorite place in Kaunas. “I am glad that we have the best stadium in Lithuania in our city,” said R. Miklyčiūtė about the training conditions.

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