10 tidying solutions for your home, costing up to 10 euros

10 tidying solutions for your home, costing up to 10 euros
10 tidying solutions for your home, costing up to 10 euros

Interior designer Eimantė Nemanė shares solutions for up to 10 EUR that will help you organize your kitchen, wardrobe, hallway and thus bring more relaxation into your everyday life. A new lower price is applied to some of the solutions offered in IKEA stores: in order to make its range accessible to many, the company from February 1. reduced the prices of more than a thousand goods.

Order in the closet and drawers

What to do when there is more than room for clothes and accessories in the closet? If it is not possible to purchase a larger wardrobe, space-saving wardrobe accessories can be used.

  • Boxes and boxes in drawers and closets allow you to neatly store accessories, underwear and other small clothing items, and folded clothes – to be placed vertically so that they are clearly visible and, when you take one out, all the others do not get messed up. For those who want to keep their closet tidy and almost never have to clean it, STUK boxes with compartments, which can be purchased from 2.99 EUR, or SKUBB boxes with compartments from 5.99 EUR, will come in handy.
  • Another irreplaceable solution for those with a lot of clothes is the space-saving trouser hanger STRYKIS for EUR 4.99.
  • The KOMPLEMENT hanger is fixed inside the cabinet, so no screws are visible from the outside. She expands the closet, moving part of it into the room. This hanger is convenient for hanging clothes that need to be aired, ironed or tried on. If installed in the hallway, wet outdoor clothes can be hung to dry and only then travel to the closet. It costs 2 euros.

For a more spacious kitchen

Everyone can have a neat and spacious kitchen – and it doesn’t require tearing down walls or buying new furniture. It is enough to use just a few inexpensive solutions that will make use of every forgotten centimeter of the kitchen.

  • Sometimes we forget that things in the kitchen can also be stored on the walls. Cross KUNGSFORS (price – from 4 EUR) with hooks and other wall storage solutions will help to free up the tabletop and keep all the necessary tools at hand. By using up the walls for storage, there will be more space for food preparation, and maybe even free up a drawer.
  • A kitchen counter, drawer or cabinet will become more organized by storing pot lids and cutting boards vertically. The AVSTEG stand for cutting boards and lids, which costs EUR 2.99, will be useful for this.

PALYCKE kitchen accessories, the price of which starts from 2 EUR, will allow you to use every centimeter of the kitchen. And for those who don’t want to drill holes in the walls or cabinet frames, towel racks and baskets placed on the cabinet doors will do.

  • No one likes food bags spilling out of drawers or cupboards. The tight and transparent IKEA 365+ food storage containers, which cost a few euros, will help prevent this. “When storing food in them, it is very convenient to find what we are looking for: as soon as we open a drawer or cabinet, we can see what is inside them. Clear food containers can help and save space in the cupboards. They can be conveniently stacked on top of each other and placed next to each other. In addition, it is likely that this will reduce the amount of food thrown away – we will not forget what we have, the food will not have time to spoil”, says E. Nemanė.
  • The built-in VARIERA shelves will create more space in the cupboards. Insertable shelves help to use the space on the shelves and to reach the things in the cupboard more conveniently. By placing them on an existing shelf, there will be more space for bowls or glasses, spice boxes, etc. Depending on the size, their price starts at 5 euros.
  • Grouping things and food products in any space of the home makes everyday life easier. Items in cabinets and drawers should be grouped by function so that each item has its own place and is easy to find. With the help of various VARIERA boxes starting at a few euros, you can easily organize your kitchen cupboards. When small kitchen utensils and food are stored in boxes, things look neat, easy to find and keep organized.

For a neater hallway

Finally, E. Nemanė shares a few more tricks that will help those who are tired of clothes hanging on the backs of chairs, or who are just looking for how to organize their shoes.

  • The door hanger LILLÅNGEN for EUR 1.49 is a great solution where there is a lack of space or if you want to always have a bathrobe close at hand. It is convenient to fix it on the cabinet door without damaging it.
  • The GREJIG shoe rack for 5 EUR will be useful for storing footwear in an orderly manner. Perfect for both everyday shoes in the hallway and seasonal shoes in the closet. When not in use, you can fold the racks, and if you need more space, you can stack three racks on top of each other and use the height of the room.
  • The MURVEL shoe organizer, which costs EUR 1, will allow you to fit twice as many shoes in the same space – be it a closet or a hallway. It helps to maintain order and saves space because the shoes are stored vertically.

IKEA is cutting prices

Implementing the company’s vision to create a more beautiful everyday life for many people, IKEA from February 1. reduced prices on more than a thousand items. The reduced prices will be applied to products from a wide range of categories, from iconic design sofas and armchairs to storage furniture and interior pieces. For example, the box DRÖNA will cost 2.99 Eur (previous price – 3.99 Eur), curtains HILJA – 14.99 Eur (previous price – 19.99 Eur), children’s chair KRITTER – 15 Eur (previous price – 20 Eur), chest of drawers MALM – 44.99 Eur (previous price – 54.99 Eur), desk MICKE – 79 Eur (previous price – 99 Eur).

IKEA solutions at a new lower price: https://www.ikea.lt/lt/nauja-zemesne-kaina

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