snow will mix with sleet, and the wind will pick up as necessary

snow will mix with sleet, and the wind will pick up as necessary
snow will mix with sleet, and the wind will pick up as necessary

It will rain briefly and sparingly only in some areas, more likely in the southern and eastern districts.

Strong west, north-west wind will blow, gusts will reach 15-20 m/s in many places. A mass of warm air will flow into the country for a short time, so the temperature will rise to 4-8 degrees during the day.

Cloudiness will be unstable for most of Sunday night, significant precipitation is not expected, clouds will thicken only in the morning, precipitation will start to fall in places in the western regions, mainly it will be rain and drizzle.

The west, south-west wind will be disturbing, in some places the gusts will reach 15-20 m/sec. Temperatures will range from 2 degrees Celsius in the east of the country to 3 degrees Celsius near the sea. Baldness may form in some places.

On Sunday, the weather will be determined by a cyclone, a zone of active clouds will pass through the country. The sky will be mostly overcast, with occasional rain and drizzle across the country. Strong south-west, west wind will blow, gusts will reach 15-20 m/sec in many places, up to 22 m/sec on the coast. A slightly cooler air mass will flood the country, so the temperature will not rise above 1-6 degrees Celsius.

An area of ​​low pressure will continue to dominate the weather on Monday. The weather will be cloudy and clear, both at night and during the day, precipitation will fall intermittently in many areas, sleet and snow will prevail.

Even colder air will flow into the country, so at night it will be from 3 degrees of cold to 2 degrees of heat, in the greater part of the country there will be frost, during the day it will be 0-4 degrees of heat. It will remain windy, gusts will reach 15-20 m/s in many areas, even up to 25 m/s on the coast.

The cyclones will move away for a short time on Tuesday night, resulting in short and light snowfalls in some areas, before a new cyclone approaches during the day and precipitation will again spread over most of the country, mainly snow and sleet. The wind will die down. At night it will be 0-5 degrees of frost, during the day the temperature will fluctuate around 0 degrees or slightly positive.

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