Archipelagos by film director Oleksandr Dyrdovskis | Culture

Archipelagos by film director Oleksandr Dyrdovskis | Culture
Archipelagos by film director Oleksandr Dyrdovskis | Culture

Continuing the friendship with O.Dirdovskis, LTMKM together with the artist organizes a series of two evenings “Evenings with Oleksandr Dyrdovskis”, which will not only show the artist’s films, their fragments, but also meet with him.

On the first evening in the museum hall (January 26 at 6 p.m.) A. Dirdovskis’ latest film about the friends of the sculptor Vilias Orvids, who created the homestead together, will be shown – “Wooden sculptures of the Orvid homestead. Lithuanian aware“. This is already his fourth film, dedicated to immortalizing V. Orvid’s personality and his legacy.

“The aim of the film was to show the sculptures of Viliaus Orvid’s homestead, the twists and turns of the fate of his friends who worked together for many years. I wanted to tell about V. Orvid’s associates, artists, sculptors: Rimas Salis, Dominykas Čepas, Modestas Grigaliūnas, Adolfas Teresias, Henrikas Ratautas, Gediminas Radzevičius. We tried to film not only the surviving sculptures, but also the shadows of the lost ones. The imperfect beauty and anxiety that we are not able to save many sculptures is overwhelming, and the muted beauty of their depths is already disappearing,” said the director of the film, O. Dirdovskis, who became interested in V. Orvid’s work 30 years ago.

February 2 6 p.m. the audiovisual concert “Nobody’s Snow of the Blessed Islands” will take place. It will try to create the 20th century. a combination of the atmospheres of early cinema halls and contemporary Ukrainian underground art. The musical film screening will show fragments of O. Dirdovsky’s films – “Others”, “Nobody’s Snow”, “Tarpukalnė”, “Anima”, “Territory 98-08”, “Fedoras Tripulja Tetianič” about the creativity of Ukrainian outsiders from the series “Blessed Islands”. .

The film fragments specially selected for the evening will be complemented by the improvisations of the composer and pianist Kęstutis Paulaitis. The friendship between a musician and an artist from Ukraine began many years ago at the international jazz festival “Kaunas Jazz”. K. Paulaitis created the soundtrack for D. Dirdovski’s latest film “Juozaps Jakštos Crossroads” (2023).

Evenings with O. Dirdovskis is a good opportunity to meet an interesting, creative and colorful personality and see what can be created when like-minded people meet.

Admission to the events is free.

The article is in Lithuanian


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