Want to investigate the mental state of the man who kidnapped the girl: why could the man have a gun?

Want to investigate the mental state of the man who kidnapped the girl: why could the man have a gun?
Want to investigate the mental state of the man who kidnapped the girl: why could the man have a gun?

Dainius Gaižauskas, deputy chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee of the Seimas, speaking to LNK Vidurdienis news, said that a person is checked before receiving a permit for a weapon, and then he must be checked again – such checks are carried out every five years.

“But in this case, in pre-trial investigations, investigations of this kind, violent ones, or when the suspect cannot explain the motives of the criminal act, or due to certain outwardly visible signs, the investigator or prosecutor takes the initiative and turns to experts to check the mental state of the suspect,” LNK told Vidurdienis news he.

D. Gaižauskas assured that this is done often enough during pre-trial investigations, so he admitted that the psychiatric examination ordered by the court in the investigation of the girl’s abductor would not surprise him at all.

“Because that’s what investigators must do. Especially in this type of crime,” he said.

The parliamentarian added that this does not mean that a person is mentally ill.

The suspect has been punished by administrative procedure more than once, could this not be a reason for revoking the gun permit?

According to the peasant D. Gaižauskas, the law does not provide for the obligation of a person who commits administrative offenses to reconsider the weapon permit given to him.

The location of the weapon must be indicated

Before the arrest of the kidnapper, it was known that he had been issued a permit to possess a weapon, but the officers did not know whether the man from Kaunas had a weapon with him.

According to D. Gaižauskas, after purchasing a weapon, it is mandatory to declare its location.

“If a person wants to have a weapon, there is a set procedure for what he must do to get a permit first. Because getting a permit doesn’t mean you have a gun. For starters, check your health, your physical and mental condition, have a safe, pass an exam, certain courses, and only then you get permission to purchase a weapon,” he said.

The parliamentarian continued that after receiving a weapon, a person must “surrender” to the police station according to the place of residence, then the responsible authority checks where the weapon is kept.

“Anyway, they should be checking periodically, but we have a problem,” he said, emphasizing that previously neighborhood inspectors regularly checked disturbing persons and all gun owners, but now there are no neighborhood inspectors.

“This kind of police is destroyed and they don’t do that check. Assigned to the Licensing Service, certain units in the regions have their own departments, but they are either empty or like the one in Marijampolė – for today, one officer sits in the office, who has to serve a large number of people”, said the member of the Seimas.

According to him, because of this, officers cannot periodically check gun owners – there is simply no one to do it.

Watch the entire LNK News interview with D. Gaižauskas here:

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