followed, secretly photographed and otherwise harassed the woman

followed, secretly photographed and otherwise harassed the woman
followed, secretly photographed and otherwise harassed the woman

The prosecutor of the Klaipėda district appealed to the court, requesting that a 33-year-old man from Klaipėda be found guilty of unlawful intrusion, gathering information about a person’s private life, stalking and threatening to kill.

The prosecutor’s office reports that after an unsuccessful relationship, a 33-year-old resident of the port city began to take revenge on his former lover.

According to the available data, the man, who secretly took the keys to the woman’s house, broke in several times without her knowledge. A man from Klaipėda copied personal photos, videos, non-public electronic login data from his ex-girlfriend’s mobile phone. Later, he threatened to distribute the data to others.

It was also established that the avenger had taken the car keys belonging to her from the woman’s apartment, intending to make a copy of them.

The pre-trial investigation was organized and led by Klaipėda district prosecutor Kristina Blinstrubienė. The investigation was carried out by Klaipėda city police commissariat officers.

According to the collected data, the man had attached a tracking device to the bottom of his former lover’s car. The woman was chased by car, secretly photographed. According to the file, she received dozens of calls and messages a day from her ex-partner, and she was threatened with violence.

The intimidated woman turned to the police because of the man’s actions.

The person from Klaipėda has been charged under six articles of the Criminal Code: illegal violation of the inviolability of housing, installation or use of technical means to collect information, illegal collection of information about a person’s private life, illegal interception and use of electronic data, stalking a person, and threatening to kill or terrorize.

The prosecutor asks the court to recognize the man from Klaipėda as having committed the crimes he is accused of and to impose a sentence of 1 year and 4 months of imprisonment with 3 months of intensive supervision – in custody. He would not be able to leave the house at night and would have to enter a behavior modification program.


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