The trip to the Seimas will be remembered for a long time: the video was amazing


It showed a man with his feet up on a toilet. The tube is crossed out with a red line. The staff in charge of the toilets of the Seimas probably warned the guests visiting the country’s government institution that it is not appropriate to perform natural affairs in this way.

“What must be the institution’s experience with visitors, if WC cabins were marked like this?” The institution is not a circus or a school of acrobats,” the well-educated lady from the port city was surprised on Facebook.

Another netizen also shared his reaction.

“Look at the parks, how young people sit on the back!” And the legs are on the bench, so there’s nothing new here,” the man noted on Facebook.

Sticker: For women visiting the Seimas, there is an instruction in the toilet on how they should use the toilet. Photo of Klaipeda

And here another Facebook fan stunned with an even more spicy experience from a sports club.

It is said that there is a sign “please dry only the hair of the head” hanging by the hair dryers.

Another Klaipėda woman who just visited the Seimas agreed with the author of the photo.

“I also drew attention to this sign in the Seimas. But what skills are needed here,” the woman wondered.

Seimas men do not squat.

Another internet user raised the version that the caretakers of the Seimas premises might have had an unpleasant experience.

“Perhaps experience with people like those who steal toilets in Ukraine,” joked the man.

Another netizen raised the version that citizens of Eastern countries do things this way.

“There are signs like this everywhere in the toilets in Korea,” one woman shared her experience.

Another well-known architect from the port city noticed on Facebook that the nation itself can be judged from the video in the toilets.

Gintaras Vaičekauskas. Photo by Vytautas Liaudanskis.

“As the nation behaves, so are the signs. It must be admitted that we still lack the culture of using these institutions. It is left anyway. Anyway, squatting,” the Klaipėda resident summarized the discussion.

Gintaras Vaičekauskas, a former member of the Seimas and now MP Eugenijus Gentvil’s assistant, admitted that he had never seen such a picture in men’s toilets.

“I’ll take a look. I went into the men’s room. No, it’s not. Not at the cleaning lady’s door either. What kind of toilet was he in?” – shrugged G. Vaičekauskas.

All he found was a no smoking sign.

“Yes, there were times when someone smoked in the toilet of the Seimas in the evening. It’s only in the ladies’ room here, in the Third Chamber, on the first floor. There is no such sign in the men’s toilet. Seimas men do not squat. They pay differently”, said G. Vaičekauskas.

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