Solar power and park efficiency depends on its access

Solar power and park efficiency depends on its access
Solar power and park efficiency depends on its access

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy, about 4 thousand companies and organizations are currently supplying electricity to self-employed people, and their number is growing exponentially. Market participants notice that the interest in providing solar power technical access services, ensuring smooth operation and optimal return on investment, is growing accordingly.

Aidas Ignataviius, head of the company Eternia Solar, a leader in the field of B2B solar energy solutions in Vienna, says that the development of one’s own power plant is only the first step in a long journey.

In order for the solar power plant to give the greatest benefit during its entire operation period, it is necessary to take care of its proper access from the very first day. Only professionals in this field can ensure that the electricity works efficiently, and it will work like this until the end of the warranty period, that is, about 25 years, says A. Ignataviius.

Eternia Solar provides operation and access services both to its customers and to solar parks and power plants developed by other companies. The company’s employees currently own 165 facilities in Lithuania with a total capacity of 49 MWp, as well as 24 facilities in Poland (a total capacity of 24 MWp) and only one facility in Cyprus with a capacity of 2.78 MWp.

Head of Eternia Solar Aidas Ignataviius.

A. Ignataviius claims that the real-time monitoring of electric generation parameters and physical monitoring allows timely or even early response to all system failures. Errors in the system not noticed in time can partially or completely disrupt the electricity generation and lead to significant financial losses until the electricity generation is restored.

The most common solar project failures

The smooth operation of solar power depends on many different factors. it is known that the quality, the quality of the manufacturer known all over the world, is one of the main factors that have a way for the long-term operation of the project. However, without access, even the best quality may not always meet the client’s expectations, says A. Ignataviius.

Broken module glass, overturning or connection problems are common problems faced by solar power plant businesses that need to be addressed immediately. these problems can be caused by extreme weather conditions such as hail, strong winds or hail. Also, it is especially important to clean the modules in places where the amount of solid particles in the air will increase, for example, where there is a lot of industry or intensive traffic.

Using a special tool, Eternia Solar access specialists take electroluminescent photos of the solar module. According to them, it is possible to determine the actions and other technical problems of each module. In this way, poor contact connection, noises or other defects are noticed in advance and are solved before making a bigger impact on the profitability of the project.

Solar electric and park access is also important to appeal to professionals

According to the manager of the company, it is important for the solar power plant and park to appeal to professionals in order to achieve the longevity of its activity, maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Professional continuous monitoring of objects also prevents several risks of reducing electricity generation, reduces the comparative price of electricity and thus increases investment returns for companies, says our manager.

Eternia Solar offers its customers three main operation and access service plans, responding to different customer needs.

One of our core silom services that can be found in every package is technical asset access. Our control center, monitoring incoming data in real time, can assess and solve emerging problems very quickly. Such monitoring does not stop for a second, says A. Ignataviius.

Our specialists also take into account the fact that the problems of each business may be different, so they also create operation and access packages according to individual needs. From project environmental access, which includes services such as tree cutting around built solar power plants, to solar power renovation or infrared photos that allow you to assess the quality of installed solar modules, Eternia Solar covers all aspects of solar park and power plant operation that ensure the highest return on investment .

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