“The news sent me to the knockdown”

“The news sent me to the knockdown”
“The news sent me to the knockdown”

“Thank you all for the congratulations! And now a little about this iron woman and her dedication. Here to make it easier for you to understand why I love you so much.

The message sent me into a knockdown. We lay in the clinics and waited for the biopsy response. We didn’t know much, but enough – aggressive cancer. We are waiting for the results of the investigations for further action. You know what she was waiting for? She waited for my birthday and took care of the gift.

She thought of me as she lay in bed fighting the relentless disease. That’s how she’s always been. They used to make my birthday the biggest holiday of the year. Not for gifts. Not for surprises. And because he is nearby,” Liudas Vaisieta wrote on his Instagram.

Lrytas.lt reminds that on May 7 I. Burlinskaitė-Vaisieta shared a photo from Kaunas clinic ward together with her husband Liudus Vaisieta on her Instagram. “When life wants to tell you something… Stop. Listen up. Accept,” Indre wrote.

She soon told her followers about what happened to her. The woman agreed to share this painful news with lrytas.lt readers.

“Hello to everyone who follows me and waits for news from me. That’s all for today, we’re packing things a little at a time. Thank God, Liudas will ride with me. We are planning to go to Kaunas clinics tomorrow, where I will undergo detailed, very important tests alone, but basically the diagnosis is already clear to me and I know it.

Today the doctor confirmed it for me and no matter how much I wish, nothing will change. For some reason, life chose me. Why – I don’t know. It seems to me that all the time I was healthy, strong, promoted a healthy lifestyle, but here, one day, a fight is sent to me.

In fact, every day we hear about all kinds of disasters, really terrible tragedies, terrible diseases, and it seems that the mind just naturally blocks you from it. It seems that it cannot happen to you, it will never happen to you. I thought that would never happen to me. This news was like a bolt from the blue for me.

I have been diagnosed with blood cancer. Malignant tumor in the mediastinum, which is as large as 8 cm. It is widespread, we will find out how widespread it is in the near future, after tomorrow’s detailed investigation,” said a well-known woman on the Instagram social network.

The woman said that she heard this diagnosis a week ago, but it took her time to come to terms with it. “As I remember now, I was having my nails done by my Jurgas and I read in the health card that a tumor was found in me. At that moment I thought I was going to faint.

Then, little by little, I tried to accept this thought, because I know that it won’t be any other way and it couldn’t be any other way, because it just appeared. It has appeared and I have no choice but to fight and defeat. I don’t know what the treatment will be for me yet, but that trip starts already on Friday. They will put me in the hospital, I don’t know my path yet, but I imagine that a lot and everything is difficult for me,” said the woman.

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