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The popular representatives of German industrial metal music “Rammstein” started this year’s concert tour in Europe precisely in Lithuania – on Monday evening they appeared in Vingios Park in Vilnius, in a program lasting several hours. In our country, this is the biggest and most technically complex concert in history, preparations for which started two weeks ago.

The group performed their biggest hits “Links 2-3-4”, “Sehnsucht”, “Zeit”, “Deutschland”, “Radio”, “Mein Teil”, “Du Hast”, “Sonne”, “Engel” surrounded by huge decorations. and new songs from his recently released eighth studio album Zeit.

“Rammstein” in Vingios Park in Vilnius delighted the extremely large audience (several thousand people came) not only with their songs. The stage constructions, often rising above the roofs of the stadiums, the show illuminated by fire and flames, the well-coordinated performance of the band, the humor and pathos of Rammstein’s productions – all this is a unique phenomenon in the world of music, which the fans in Vilnius saw as well.

Photo by Greta Skaraitiene/BNS/Concert of the German group “Rammstein” in Vingios Park

Rammstein invited all their fans to experience a new “gigantic show” (music magazine “Rolling Stone”) that has “full stadiums going wild” (Nordkurier) in Europe, blasted with “countless fireworks, pyrotechnics, explosions and smoke” (” Süddeutsche Zeitung”).

The concert was scheduled to start at 8 p.m. It’s true that Rammstein didn’t take the stage at first, but the French duet Abélard, two internationally acclaimed pianists Héloïse Hervouët and Émilie Aridon-Kociolek, who were warming them up.

Finally, a little after 9 p.m., the culprits of the evening were welcomed by the echoes of Rammstein, as if they had descended from hell. The rockers, famous for their shocking concerts with abundant decorations and pyrotechnic effects, prepared an impressive event for the crowd of thousands.

Photo by Greta Skaraitiene/BNS/Concert of the German group “Rammstein” in Vingios Park

The group started the concert with the song “Rammstein”. Already at the beginning of the show, not only the audience’s ears were pleased, but also their eyes – the sky above Vingis Park was covered with black smoke. As the concert continued, the pyrotechnics increased, and after dark, the fire show reached its peak.

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There was no shortage of colorful performances and humor during the Rammstein concert. The band’s keyboardist Christian Lorenz didn’t just stand up to play, he walked on a treadmill. During the song “Mein Teil”, vocalist Till Lindemann appeared dressed as a butcher and “cooked” his colleague in a pot. At that time, the audience was being sprayed with foam from a cannon during the song “Pussy”. Another memorable element of the show is the group swimming in a rubber boat on the hands of the audience.

Rammstein also showed their softer side, performing a couple of lyrical songs “Ohne dich” and “Engel”. At that time, the audience could sing along – the words were shown on the screen.

And the audience really sang along, and not only the aforementioned lyrical songs – they knew the words of most of the works by heart. As the concert progressed, there was more and more applause and shouts, the audience swayed to the beat and danced.

During the impressive concert, “Rammstein” heated the audience’s blood with electronic music interludes. During one of them, rockers dressed in special costumes with LED strips showed off their relentless energy and dance moves.

Photo by Greta Skaraitiene/BNS/Concert of the German group

Photo by Greta Skaraitiene/BNS/Concert of the German group “Rammstein” in Vingios Park

During the show, the audience receives considerable attention. At one point, the camera recorded the gathered spectators and their emotions. When they saw themselves on screen, people raised their hands, smiled, and one fan even showed her breast.

As the concert drew to a close, the Rammstein vocalist spoke a few words in Lithuanian. “Raise your hands,” he shouted.

Finally, the musician said “thank you” to the audience in several languages, including Lithuanian.

The organizers do not announce the official number of spectators, but it is said that more than 40 thousand watched the “Rammstein” show in Vingio Park. people.

According to the Vilnius County Police, the concert in Vingios Park was largely peaceful, the officers did not have much work to do. It is true that at least 3 persons with suspected narcotic substances were arrested at the entrances to the event, and at least 7 calls were received from the residents of the surrounding areas due to the late noise. There was also a small scuffle between the spectators, which ended without any serious consequences.

Fans began to go to the concert long before it:

The group arrived in Lithuania a week before the concert. Since it was in Vilnius that the Germans started their tour this time, rehearsals were also held here.

The invited members of the Rammstein fan club saw the show in Vilnius on May 20, Saturday, when they were shown a dress rehearsal.

in 1994 formed industrial metal band Rammstein is one of the most popular heavy rock stars of the last decade. More than 20 million rockers who sold records became popular not only in their homeland, Germany. A huge success worldwide, the group has won over 30 major music awards during their career, including two Grammy nominations, Echo, Kerrang!, MTV Europe and many more.

Rammstein’s legendary concerts, which are full of pyrotechnic effects, light technology miracles and explosions, contributed a lot to the worldwide success. Due to the sex scenes imbued with black humor during the performances, the impressive scenography and pyrotechnic effects equal to the miracles, the group’s concerts turn into dramatic performances, which not only heavy music fans are happy to visit.

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