Bitter treats: Milka, Oreo, TUC maker recognized by Ukraine as Russian war sponsor | Business

Bitter treats: Milka, Oreo, TUC maker recognized by Ukraine as Russian war sponsor | Business
Bitter treats: Milka, Oreo, TUC maker recognized by Ukraine as Russian war sponsor | Business

The agency recalled that after the outbreak of the full-scale war, many companies partially or completely withdrew from the Russian market.

“But this is not about Mondelez International. Apparently, its managers are not very concerned about the fact that by paying high taxes to the Moscow state budget, the company contributes to the provision of the aggressor’s army,” the report said.

According to the agency, companies with annual revenues of about 26 billion dollars and which operates in 160 countries, the interests of the Russian market are represented by the company Mon’dalis Rus.

This company owns three factories: factory “Bolshevik” that produces crackers “Jubilee”, “Oreo”, “Barney” and TUC, factory in Pokrov (Alpen Gold, “Vozduzhnyj”, chocolate “Milka” and bar “Picnic”) ) and a factory in Veliky Novgorod (Dirol chewing gum and Halls candy).

It is noted that the company is the leader in the confectionery market in the categories of chocolate, chocolate candies and cookies, as well as in second place in the category of chewing gum and caramels.

At the end of the military year 2022, the Russian branch of “Mondelez International” earned 339 million. USD profit (+303% per year) and received more than 1 billion. dollars of revenue (+38 percent per year). Consequently, the company contributed more than 61 million to the budget of the terrorist country. dollars in taxes.

“These are dry financial statistics, which are measured in the lives of Ukrainian children who will never try Barney the Bear again,” NAPK said.

According to the agency, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mondelez employees in the Baltic region, which includes Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, sent a petition to the company’s CEO Dirks Van de Put, asking them to stop all activities in Russia, to which Mondelez responded officially by announcing new suspension of investments and investments in advertising in Russia. However, judging by the financial indicators, the Russian market remains promising for the company.

Mondelez publicly flaunts its charitable support for children affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, at the same time, it cunningly expands its activities in the aggressor country and continues to pay large sums to its state budget. Which, among other things, are spent on missiles that kill Ukrainian children,” the report states.

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