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ESET, the leader in information security, announces the discovery of the widespread encryption malware AceCryptor. This threat since 2016 is spreading all over the world and many hackers are actively using it to spread their malware.

AceCryptor virus is spreading worldwide

During 2021 and 2022 ESET telemetry recorded more than 240,000 detections of this malware, which is more than 10,000 detections every month. The threat is likely being sold on the darknet or underground forums. Many hackers use this encryption engine to avoid detection by security solutions. In particular, the threat AceCryptor has used many methods to avoid detection over the years.

“For cybercriminals, avoiding malware detection is a challenge. Encryption devices are the first layer of defense against detection as threats proliferate. While hackers can build and maintain their own encryption engines, it often takes time and technical capabilities to continuously improve the threat. That’s why encryption ransomware as a service is in demand,” said Jakub Kaloč, researcher at ESET.

Among the malware families that used AceCryptor, one of the most common is RedLine Stealer. This threat is used to steal bank card details and other sensitive information, download files and even steal cryptocurrency. RedLine Stealer was first discovered in 2022. in the beginning, hackers started using AceCryptor since then and continue to do so.

“Thus, the ability to detect AceCryptor helps us not only to detect new threats, but also to track the activities of cybercriminals,” explains the ESET researcher.

Due to the use of various cybercriminals, malware with AceCryptor spreads in different ways. According to ESET telemetry data, these threats were mainly spread through malicious software installers or spam emails. emails with dangerous attachments. Another way to get infected is through other threats that download new malware packaged with AceCryptor.

AceCryptor distribution in the world

Since malware is used by many cybercriminals, anyone can become a victim. The variety of malware makes it difficult to assess the risk of consequences to the victim. For example, a victim could open a dangerous email. email attachment and then download additional threats.


Due to the risk of attacks, ESET recommends following basic cyber security rules, such as not opening unknown emails. emails and documents, use strong passwords and two-factor authentication, keep software up-to-date and ensure that home devices and corporate networks are well protected. Read more about it at this link.

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