Invited guests gathered for the advance premiere of the Lithuanian film “I’m fine”.

Invited guests gathered for the advance premiere of the Lithuanian film “I’m fine”.
Invited guests gathered for the advance premiere of the Lithuanian film “I’m fine”.

The international premiere of the film “I’m all right” took place a year and a half ago at the Warsaw Film Festival. The Lithuanian premiere of the film was stopped by the pandemic.

“Our film is contrasting, so serious, so frivolous. There is a lot of everything in it – scientists, mice, horses, sinking cars and strange people,” says actress Gabija Siurbytė, who plays the main role of the scientist Maria in the film. It is important for her that the film about the current pandemic – anxiety – touches the audience and helps them get to know anxiety and panic attacks more closely. “This is important,” Gabija is convinced, “and if this film helps at least one person, I will have fulfilled my mission.”

“Everything is fine with me,” repeats the heroine of the film directed by E. Jankauskas. It is so strong that no one, not even the closest people, doubts it. “I woke up without a voice this morning, I usually rehearse my speech, but I didn’t rehearse this time, I apologize for the voice from the station,” the producer of the film, one of the authors of the script, G. Siurbytė, the performer of the main role, blurted out on stage on the night of the premiere. She thanked the film’s creative team and sponsors for their faith in the project and its implementation.

It took four years for the movie “I’m Fine” to reach audiences. “We plan, and life laughs,” G. Siurbytė finished her speech and handed the microphone on stage to her husband, the director of the film E. Jankauskas, who expressed hope that the audience would read the film. “For me, this film is about a person’s faith, hope and desire to be better, more loved, more human. About the nightmare you can get into if there is no one who sympathizes, understands, turns and hugs,” he said.

“I’m fine” is a funny and ironic film about a scientist who tries her best to maintain the image of a perfect woman she has created. After returning from the clinic, she tries to convince her family and colleagues that she is fine. However, hiding her panic attacks while competing for a research project and the love of her family is much more difficult than she realizes. Especially when the teenage niece sings Vitalija Katunskytė’s songs drunk at night, the mother argues with the doctors about the operation, the grandmother complains that she eats too little, and the fiancé would absolutely not want to see the heights of her career.

“I’m fine” will be shown in Lithuanian cinemas from January 27. The creation of the film was financed by the Lithuanian Film Center. Director E. Jankauskas, cinematographer Feliksas Abrukauskas, artist Paulius Aničas, composer Paulius Jurevičius, actors: G. Siurbytė, Andrius Paulavičius, Marius Repšys, Donatas Šimukauskas, Mija Di Marco, Nelė Savičenko, Elvyra Žebertavičiūtė, Dovilė Kundrotaitė.

On the eve of the premiere, G. Siurbytė and A. Paulavičius told more about this film on the show “Close”.

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