“I was glad that the smaller children ran away to their room”

“I was glad that the smaller children ran away to their room”
“I was glad that the smaller children ran away to their room”

Tonight’s show will ask the question that seems to have been on everyone’s mind – what the hell is going on with Eurovision? After the song contest is over, many people wonder how such an event could have been broadcast at all. And especially – without warnings that the content may harm… children. After all, there was no lack of nudity, satanism, or sex scenes.

And yet we look forward to this song contest every year. Composer S. Stavickis-Stano is no exception. Watching this event is a long-standing tradition of his family. However, this year the singer already regrets that he sat in front of the TV with his children. According to him, there were erotic or naked body scenes in almost every show.

“There were shows this year that I was happy to see the younger kids run off to their room and not come out for a while,” he revealed on tonight’s show.

And the most famous man was shocked by a performer from the United Kingdom. Probably no one expected this from the restrained British.

“Gay people I know are also saying, ‘How is that possible?’ Why and why do we have to watch this on TV?” Spain too – dancers in leotards. It is simply ugly, vulgar, unrefined, too open. Even for Eurovision, Stano said.

True, not everyone agrees with this opinion. Journalist Andrius Užkalnis is not surprised that “Eurovision” was the way it was. Apparently, you’re afraid of gays – don’t watch the event at all. And Saulius Urbonavičius-Samas, who once participated in the competition, will remember that the performance of “LT United”, even though it was without sexual undertones, caused the indignation of part of the audience.

“Then everyone was equally indignant – how uneducated we are, we explain what winners we are, how ignorant we are, and that’s all Sh. And what a monster Lordi is – monsters on stage. But there have always been such things in Eurovision,” he said.

The second topic of the day is election night. This is the night when Remigijus Žemaitaitis tastes stronger drinks, the sober man Aurelijus Veryga makes sure that no one gets drunk at Ignas Vēgėlė’s, and Jonas Pinskus dreams of his wife becoming president. After shedding their official clothes after the election marathon, at night the candidates and their surroundings in the election headquarters turned into people, and this transformation was captured by the show’s team.

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