Bambie Thug “Eurovision” organizer sent the devil: revealed what happened behind the scenes


The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest is perhaps the most controversial in history: performers hid pro-Palestinian messages in their costumes, were disqualified, and did not spare fat words to the organizers of the song contest.

Ireland’s self-proclaimed ‘queer witch’ Bambie Thug has accused Eurovision bosses of failing to support her amid a row with Israel over the broadcaster’s comments about her.

There was talk of an incident behind the scenes

Bambie told reporters at the press center that Israeli broadcaster KAN had incited violence against her several times. She mentioned that the team reported this to the EBU, but received no response.

During the first semi-final on Tuesday, an Israeli commentator warned the audience that Bambie’s performance of “Doomsday Blue” would be the “scariest” performance of the night, with “lots of witchcraft and black magic, dark clothing, satanic symbols and voodoo dolls.”

He also mentioned that Bambie, who has openly expressed Palestinian views, likes to “talk negatively about Israel.”

The Irish delegation accused the Israeli broadcaster of violating the KAN rules and said they are waiting for the EBU’s response on what action will be taken, writes the portal “Daily mail”.

He poured out his anger

“[EBU] waited until the last minute, still no response, allowed us to be scapegoated, had to stand up for ourselves.

You don’t know how much pressure those who wanted changes in the contest felt. I’m so proud of Nemo that he won and I’m so proud that all of us in the top ten fought this sh*** because it was so hard and scary for us.

And I just want to say that we are what Eurovision is. The EBU is not what Eurovision is. Let the EBU go to hell. I don’t even care anymore,” she snapped.

The EBU’s statement on KAN’s comments read: “We have spoken to Israeli broadcaster KAN about this matter and have reiterated the importance of all commentators respecting all artists taking part in the competition and following the rules and regulations of the event.”

News portal reminds that the Irish representative Bambie Thug took 6th place in the final of the song contest.

The article is in Lithuanian

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