After seeing how the woman from Vilnius furnished the apartment, she lost her promise and saw everything: she showed it to everyone


During the interview, the woman told what happened that the apartment she was creating for her beloved friend and client eventually became her own home. She also revealed why she always lives only in rented apartments.

After seeing how the woman from Vilnius furnished the apartment, she lost her promise and saw everything: she showed it to everyone

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Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)

Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė’s house (photo from personal archive)


Aušra Muzikevičiūtė (photo from personal archive)

Calling themselves a “citizen of the world”

As soon as we started talking, Aušra told us that she does not have any personal purchased real estate in Vilnius. She revealed that she has been renting apartments recently because she travels a lot and considers it a normal practice.

“I call myself a ‘world citizen.’ I’ve lived abroad for more than half of my adult life, and I have a completely different perspective on that attachment to real estate. Others think that apartments and houses are what we have to leave behind. In my understanding, we leave behind not things, but our children and what values ​​we instilled in them.

I often come across the attitude that having your own purchased real estate means some sort of status in society. And it’s the opposite for me. I don’t want to get attached to the thing – too much responsibility.

I am not trying to deceive myself – I know that I am a restless, restless, traveling person. So it is not yet clear whether I will be in Lithuania all the time.

If I have to leave again, it will be very difficult to rent that apartment, let’s say. Because I put a lot of myself into the apartment, into the house. And apparently I’m the kind of person who is more attached to the feeling than the thing. It seems to me that it should be so.

Many shrug their shoulders, how am I still renting apartments at this age. My experience of living abroad has shown that renting apartments is a more acceptable option for me.

It is common for people abroad to rent apartments and houses for their entire life or part of their life, where they have to work or because of their family situation, but of course there is a different rental system.

Apartments are often empty and managed by the landlord. People come with their own things, hang their own curtains and create their own atmosphere. They are not afraid that if the owner’s opinion changes, that apartment can be sold.

Let’s say that while living in Sweden for 8 years, I had to move several times and create my home anew as I wanted at that time – and that is very acceptable to me. After all, life does not stand still”, said Aušra about the important choice.

He did not furnish the house for himself

Although the woman now feels that she has established her own home in Lithuania, she testified that she did not build the apartment for herself at first. A woman decorated an exclusive apartment for her friend who went to work abroad.

“And the story here is that I was building an apartment for my very close friend. This apartment is, as it were, mine from the sensual side, because many, many years ago I participated in the beauty contest of this apartment (laughs). He won because we chose him. This was about 10 years ago.

Then, since I work as an interior designer, I furnished that apartment in such a way that it would be comfortable for my friend and client to live in it. Replanning was done here, I scratched, integrated furniture, shelves. Here, everything is mine (laughs)”, the creator shared the story.

When asked if she wanted additional changes in the house when she moved in, Aušra answered that she really didn’t want any major changes. The woman testified that it was the details she brought to the apartment that created coziness and a sense of individuality in the apartment:

“Those changes are, I came here with my things. When she left, she took her family with her, only leaving her bed and sofa behind. But the piano, the other sofa, all the decoration details are mine. When thinking about a rental apartment, people think that in a rental apartment you come and find everything. But then that “everything” has to be lived in, and it’s not you.

I just think we bring our own stuff, I even ask the hosts to take their furniture out, because that’s how I make my home. It is not the apartment that chooses me with its furniture and imprisons me, but I choose the apartment.”

Aušra Muzikevičiūtė's house (photo from personal archive)

The walls of the house are a white sheet of paper

The royal gray color prevails in Aušra’s house. The woman says that this color gives her like a clean sheet of life on which she can create.

“Why this color? The house was built at the beginning of the 20th century – gray and white color combinations dominated the facades of the old town houses of that era, which creates a sense of cleanliness, solemnity and grandeur. With this in mind, I carried this color combination into the interior as well,” she explained.

And the details at home were described by the woman as the clothes she uses to present herself to people. According to her, it’s one of the inexpensive and quick-to-change ways to make your home look the way you want it to look.

“The details are something that we can change very quickly if we get bored or just want to renew according to the current mood. I have significant artists and self-painted works that speak about me as a person, what is important to me.

For me, a home is like a garment. If you go out with your clothes and communicate to the world who you are and what is important to you, then it is the same at home – when you invite a guest, the home communicates about your personality.

But don’t think that here you have made something at home and it will immediately be “wow”. No. First of all, you need to pay attention to whether it communicates about you as a person, whether it is harmonious or just a fashion statement.

Again, I work in the field, I know how to build a home. Often, people who have built their homes following only the “current fashion” principle find that they did not turn out very well, because it has nothing to do with them. Then I encourage you to change something, for example, buy pictures, change the lamps, the carpet, after all, it doesn’t cost that much. Or reupholstering the sofa, which also doesn’t cost that much,” the interviewee shared her point of view and advice.

The most important accent of the house is the piano

When asked about the detail without which she could not imagine her home, Aušra told about the piano. She testified that this item has a history and always travels with her to new homes.

“I’ll tell you how that furniture travels with me.” The history of the piano is very interesting indeed. There was a stage when I was transporting furniture with stories from Sweden. This apartment also has them. Since our friendship with the friend who rented the apartment lasted for 19 years, a lot of things appeared in her house during these years.

So the piano came from Sweden. I went with my friend to bring him home, I floated him across the entire Baltic Sea so that he could reach home safely.

It was brought to my girl, who now lives abroad more of the time. I remember her words when she said I could sell everything but not the piano. I promised and I keep that promise. He travels with me,” the creative artist smiled.

Aušra testified that she often sits down at the piano keys herself. Then the music resounds in all the houses and brings bright energy to them: “I touch the keys too, because I am a professional pianist. However, in comparison, I rarely join them. Apparently, the time must come for that. I think it evokes a certain emotion. And for me, home is an emotion, just like the rest of the world.”

Aušra Muzikevičiūtė's house (photo from personal archive)

Has his favorite rituals

Aušra says that she cannot imagine home without special rituals. The woman assures that these rituals help her not only enjoy and admire her place of residence, but also give her energy.

“I have such a ritual. I have to have good sound equipment at home because I love music very much. So the first step after getting out of bed is to turn on music or a radio station.

I can’t imagine my space, my life without music. My last name – Muzikevičiūtė – says the same,” the woman joked.

“Also, I live such a wonderful life that when I wake up in the morning I can afford to do a morning exercise. So no matter how early I have to get up, I always make it. For me, it’s a daily dose of energy. It’s short, but I know how it works for me.

You know, it even happens that I come to young people at the college where I teach, and the students are completely asleep in the early morning. I ask them: “What is wrong with you?”. They say, “Teacher, what’s wrong with you?” It’s snowing and dark outside the window, and you’re bursting with energy here.” My answer: “I did some exercise in the morning,” Aušra cheered.

“What else I appreciate in this apartment is the bathroom ritual. In my planned bathroom, the bathtub appeared next to the window. I run water, add essential oils, light candles, and lie down and watch the tree branches leaning against the window – exploding in the spring, green in the summer, snowy in the winter… I meditate and this is where my new ideas are born,” Aušra shared her idyllic everyday life and ended the interview.

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