Fans are fascinated by the connection between Silvester Belt and the Swiss Nemo: the photos show intriguing details


During the largest European song contest “Eurovision”, not only the performances and outfits of the representatives of the countries are discussed, but also the relationships that develop between the participants. This time, images have spread on the Internet, in which Lithuanian representative Silvester Belt is captured having fun with Nemo from Switzerland. Not only that, but both artists shared some intriguing details.

The most vigilant Eurovision fans have noticed that Lithuanian representative Silvester Belt and Swiss delegate Nemo really get along perfectly.

When ESC Factful asked what was going on between them, Silvester Belt gave a cryptic answer.

“We get along very well, I like spending time together and I think Nemo is very cute,” Silvester Belt said.

And Nemo named the Lithuanian one of those “Eurovision” participants that he would take with him to an uninhabited island.

At one Eurovision party, the contestants were spotted chatting intimately, and a video from that night is going viral on the Internet.

Another detail noticed by the fans is the accessory chosen by Swiss representative Nemo on the opening night of the competition. The singer was wearing a bracelet with the name of Silvester Belt’s song “Luktelk” arranged in letters.

Swiss Nemo with a “Luktelk” bracelet / Vida Press photo.

And on Thursday, when Nemo appeared in the second semi-final, Lithuanian representative Silvester Belt shared a photo of him in bed with a plush Nemo the Fish toy on his social network “X” account.

“Good night,” he wrote alongside the photo. reminds that Nemo has repeatedly mentioned that he asks to be addressed not by the masculine pronoun “he”, but by the neutral “they”. Silvester Belt also does not hide his sexual orientation.

Silvester Belt, Nemo (Switzerland), Olly Alexander (UK) / Personal archive photo.

“I don’t emphasize what is traditional and what is non-traditional orientation. I do not emphasize gender divisions: after all, we communicate primarily with people, with their characters, and not with the gender that hangs between the legs. People should distinguish between sexual attraction and psychological attraction. There are people who do not feel sexual attraction at all, there are much deeper personal issues. I don’t care if it’s a woman or a man. I’m looking at a person,” Silvester Belt previously said.

Eurovision participants walked the turquoise carpet (103 photo)

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