In the fourth semi-final of the Eurovision selection, there is a fierce battle between the stars of the stage: who will go to the final?


This year, as many as 40 groups and performers will fight for victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. Last Saturday, the first eight contestants appeared on stage.

At the end of the show, the two songs rated best by the panel and the audience will enter the final, which will take place on February 17 and will be broadcast live.

During the first semi-final, it became clear that “VB gang” with the song “KABOOM!!!” and Silvester Belt with “Luktelk” are going to the next stage.

After the second semi-final, “Zhalvarinis” “Gaudė Vėjai” and “Aistė” Hero go to the final, and after the end of the third semi-final it became clear that “Shower” and “Pluie de Comètes” will appear in the final.

The following participants will appear this Saturday evening: Agnė Buškevičiūtė “Puppeteer”, “Il Senso” “Time”, Kasparas “Fool”, Monika Marija “Starting Tommorow”, Vilija “Save Me”, Danielė “Cold Shower”, Martin “Jigsaw”, “Dragons and rainbows” by Hansanova.

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Moments from the fourth semi-final – in the gallery:

“I think this year we have a lot of colorful and diverse performances, as well as bright new names that can successfully compete with the veterans of the scene. Already after the first evening of the semi-finals on the Internet – a lot of discussions about the songs, the works that made it to the finals received a lot of auditions and interest. I have no doubt that it will be the same after the second semi-final night”, Ramūnas Zilnys said earlier.

In the 2024 national selection, five semi-finals await, in which 8 well-known performers will appear each. From each show, the 2 songs rated best by the panel and the audience will go to the final, which will be held on February 17 and will be broadcast live. The audience could see the first semi-final on January 13.

The winner of the national selection will be determined by joint decision-making, in which both the television audience and the commission will participate. The composition of this commission will differ for each show, and the organizers are currently keeping the identities of its members a secret. The results of the committee’s voting will be announced at the end of the show, as a precaution to ensure that the committee’s evaluations do not influence the audience’s votes.

in 2024 a novelty in the selection – the final decision of who will travel to Sweden, on behalf of Lithuania, will be decided by the audience. According to the new rules, the three artists who meet in the finals and have the most votes from the commission and the audience will appear on stage one more time, but only the audience can vote for them.

The commission members of the second semi-final show are Ieva Narkutė, Darius Užkuraitis, Ramūnas Zilnys, Giedrė and others.

The audience voting starts from the first show, the results of the audience voting are announced only at the end of the program. The entire selection voting process is supervised by an audit company.

The part of the funds collected from the audience voting, which goes to LRT, will be used for the preparation of the winner of the national selection to represent Lithuania in the international Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in 2024. May 7-11 Malmö, Sweden. Loreen, who won this competition in 2023, won such a right for Sweden. Last year, the event was organized by Great Britain on behalf of the winner, Ukraine.

In 2024, it will be the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. It will take place on May 7-11, in the Swedish city of Malmö.

Performer and music creator Agnė Buškevičiūtė presents her Eurovision single “Puppeteer” to the audience.

As the artist herself says, the song tells a story about love that creates dependence on another person and you allow yourself to be controlled by him. According to the artist, the relationship between puppeteer and doll is a beautiful way to look at such a relationship when we fall in love with the wrong person.

The author of music for many performances, musicals, films and other projects created the special-sounding song “Time” for the group “Il Senso”.

The motif of time runs throughout the track, with the lyrics saying that “we still have time…”. The text for this song was created by a well-known Lithuanian musician, drummer Andrius Kairys.

“We sincerely thank the wonderful team that was there and helped to fulfill all expectations. We look forward to our performance and hope that every listener will find meaning and a strong message in the song “Time”. By donating your votes, you will help us get to the finals of the Eurovision selections,” said members of Il Senso.

The third performer Kasparas entered the stage, who impressed the gathered audience with his unique image – the guy decorated his eye with a heart made of glitter. And to be honest, this look was perfect for the song he introduced, “Fool”.

Soon the first notes and words of the song began to sound, which created a real disco in the hall.


It is not the first time that Monika Marija steps onto the Eurovision selection stage. True, this time too she decided to remain mysterious to the end and present her work during the semi-finals.

Soon, the first notes of the lyrical song rang out, and the audience gathered for the semi-final was covered by a blanket of fog.

Monica Maria

Monika Marija is not the only singer who has tried her hand at auditions. It is not the first time that singer Vilija Matačiūnaitė has stepped into it.

However, this time she is trying to capture the hearts of the audience with her song “Save me”. The singer, who traveled to the big song contest 10 years ago, decided to play with colors during the performance – she dressed in a pink suit and yellow shoes.


The singer Danielė appeared on stage six, who brought real winter and the song – “Cold Shower” to the auditions.

What’s more, not only the song, but also the background and environment chosen. It seems that she reminded the audience about the winter cold.


One of the last singers to appear, Martin, surprised the audience as it should be – the guy walked dressed in cardboard boxes.

The singer danced around the stage barefoot and presented the song “Jigsaw”.


The last performance of the evening was the pirate-like group “Hansavova”. The members of the group, who have been creating songs with Germanic and old European melodies interwoven with Lithuanian folk elements, entered the Eurovision stage with an even more magical song – “Dragons and Rainbows”.


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