What do the stars promise for Sunday? (February 4) – Respublika.lt

What do the stars promise for Sunday? (February 4) – Respublika.lt
What do the stars promise for Sunday? (February 4) – Respublika.lt

ARIES. Today you will look philosophically at human weaknesses, everyday details. You will have the opportunity to visit a meaningful event, chat with an educated person, etc.

TAURUS. Even though it’s the weekend, your mind will be constantly spinning about business commitments, expenses, financial responsibilities, etc. Try to relax.

TWINS. Without the alignment of interests and sincere attention to others, don’t expect a good day. Apparently, you will find common interesting topics with your partner, relatives, if you just remember what the latter are interested in or were interested in before.

CANCER. Unplanned work will probably appear. Or you will receive guests and this will cause some household and economic problems. Pay more attention to health, image, environmental hygiene.

LION. You will be in a playful mood. Unexpected surprises, invitations to dates, events are possible. A sense of humor and artistic abilities will be very useful. Just try not to provoke the envy and hostility of competitors.

VIRGIN. This day will make you take better care of yourself, your family, and your children. It should not rush into the public, go somewhere far away. The safest and best will be at home, especially if you are kind to your household.

SCALES. Today you will be in the mood to have an active discussion with your brother, sister or relative, neighbor. Maybe it will bring you closer together. It’s just not appropriate to emphasize only your opinion and needs. Be careful on the road.

SCORPION. Today you will focus on personal well-being and security. Talk honestly with family members, children, if you think that they do not understand the financial and material capabilities of the family, lack moderation, etc.

SAGITTARIUS. Today you will allow yourself to give in more to emotions, inner impulses. You can immerse yourself in virtual communication, browsing news portals. You will likely discover important information.

CAPRICORN. Today you will be interested in things incomprehensible to others, strange theories. Be extremely attentive to your health and nerves. Rest and meditation are recommended. Avoid risks on the road.

WATER. The day promises a lot of contacts. You will be active in social networks. Perhaps you will feel the special attention of an acquaintance or audience, followers, interest group.

FISH. You will not sit without work, because you will not lack responsibilities, and not necessarily related to family and home. You may have to prepare for a new work week. In the evening, you may feel uncomfortable, weak.

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