“There will be more, maybe I will take it and change my plans”

“There will be more, maybe I will take it and change my plans”
“There will be more, maybe I will take it and change my plans”

“178 sq. meters home, he considers it the pearl of his career, because he really did everything for himself, from the heart,” the woman who designed the interior testified.

This property is distinguished by its floor plan. Since the house is built on a slope, entering through the main door immediately leads to the second floor. Due to this layout, it was decided to equip the main spaces of the house with the living room and the kitchen area.

Also on the second floor is a guest bathroom and a master bedroom with a separate bathroom and walk-in closet. Calm and earthy colors prevail in this interior.

The created interior is effortless, looks light and stylistically clean. There are no superfluous details, an abundance of different colors or materials. Showcase windows are designed, so it is natural that a lot of daylight enters the living room.

“As a contrast to the light, we chose a darker finishing color, applied it to the TV wall in the living room, the kitchen area and the wall that extends all the way to the hallway,” said Alesia. –

The impression of integrity is created by the selected dark wood panel and ceramic granite applied in the kitchen. We chose this material with a white and green marble pattern. A luxurious dining table with massive gold-toned legs joins the kitchen and living room. Above it, we hung a minimalist design, but an impressive-looking lamp from an Italian manufacturer.”

A comfortable sofa from a Danish manufacturer has been selected in the living room area. Since the entire interior is dominated by calm tones and earth tones, the sofa is deliberately chosen in rich orange color. Armchairs with rounded shapes and a massive circular coffee table are placed next to the sofa.

There is a bio fireplace for cozy evenings. The master bedroom is bright and cozy, with neutral shades of brown and sand.

The bedroom leads to a walk-in closet and master bathroom.

One of the most beautiful elements of this room is the pattern of the stone slabs used on the walls and floor, which gives this bathroom a touch of sophistication. The minimalist style white staircase is illuminated with LED lighting, which creates an impression of warmth.

This lighting goes to the floor of the first floor and continues in the recreation area. On the first floor, there is a spacious relaxation area with a sauna, a whirlpool, a shower and an adjacent bar. It’s like a private home spa where you can enjoy beauty treatments or hang out with friends.

How much will a house with everything taken care of cost the settlers?

It will not reach half a million – 470 thousand. euros.

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